Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Cake

Hi everyone, hope everyone had a great week, and yayyyyy weekend is finaly here, we get to sit back and relax, tanning, swimming uhmmm just looking at the sky.... Whatever you plan to do I hope you will enjoy your weekend but don't forget SIT BREATHE and RELAX.... sometimes we go through life so busy that we forget to just sit and doNOTHING. Well I'll tell you Nothing was not something I did not do today... I been in my Pink Patio buuuusyyyy... here is what I was up too... 
So a friend of mine asked me to make her favorite tres leches cake for a birthday party tomorrow... well its actually today, because its already past 2am and i'm here. :0)  So here are some pictures of the birthday cake. 
Hope you have a wonderful saturday. Oh by the way.... my website is getting a makeover :P can't wait to see. 

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